Booligan Does it Again! noticed this unique custom Survival Style Build From A Keystone Crickett Pistol and decided to give it some love and attention. As one of Booligan’s recent projects found on YouTube , this one of a kind Crickett was born of a desire to create the ultimate, compact 22...and you may agree it’s about as cool and compact as you will find. The little gem has several custom features, including a shortened, crowned barrel (by, a 3D printed fore grip with built in suppressor storage, a folding brace, and more! Talk about custom! And, as we usually hear, Booligan tells us the cut/thread/crown worked great for the suppressor and really improved accuracy. We “aim” to please :-)

We really enjoyed working with Booligan…and it ain’t over yet…they have some more projects planned and our lathe is ready to whirl for us to do our part.

Check out Booligan’s YouTube channel here for more of his creative projects.

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*you are responsible to seek professional advice before making any modifications to your firearm, or before making any decisions regarding your firearm. Be smart. Get expert advice. This article is therefore for informational purposes only. Always consult a qualified gunsmith in your area regarding any firearm modifications.

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