Answers to your Common questions

How Does Shipping Work?

You cover shipping to us, and return shipping is FREE! We got you covered. All you pay is shipping on your end, and we cover the shipping cost to return it to you after your barrel is threaded!

*Be sure you add tracking and insure your package - shipping mistakes happen. Protect your barrel.

Shipping Instructions page here

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Which Carrier Do I Use?

When shipping to, you may use the trustworthy shipping service that’s easiest for you.

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How Do I Remove My Barrel?

Each barrel/firearm can be different. Searching YouTube can typically give you what you need. Look for reputable videos like this one from Brownell’s.

If you are unsure if your barrel can be removed, or how to do it safely, consult a gunsmith in your area.

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How Long Does It Take To Thread My Barrel?

Not long - we get right on it for you! Once we receive your barrel, we typically, we have them back in the mail to you within 5 days or less!

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What Can I Send?

Please send barrels only - NO firearms. On many firearms, the barrel can be easily removed (I.E. Ruger 10-22, AR’s, Some CZ’s etc.). If you are unsure if your barrel can be safely removed, consult a gunsmith in your area. AR uppers are not considered a “firearm” and can be shipped. DO NOT ship AR lowers.

DO NOT sent a firearm. This would be a barrel attached to a receiver with a serial number in most cases (I.E. Remington 700, Savage model 10). If you are unsure, check with a gunsmith or contact us before placing an order.

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What Thread Pitch Do I Want?

There are many different thread pitches used on suppressors and other muzzle devices (1/2x28, 9/16x24, 5/8x24 etc.). There are also right and left handed threads. The mfg of your attachment is the best person to ask.

It is also important to know if your barrel has enough Outside Diameter (OD) to accommodate your desired threads. (for example, 1/2 x 28 TPI requires at least 1/2” barrel OD). Contact us with any questions. Read this blog article for a little more info.

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Do You Thread Pistol Barrels?

In most cases, purchasing a quality threaded pistol barrel from a company like Lone Wolf or Storm Lake is usually the most cost-effective option. If you still want us to thread a pistol barrel, contact us with your request and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

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Do You Provide Thread Protectors?

We recommend buying thread protectors online. Sites like Brownell’s and Gunbroker have several choices for far less than we can build them.

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Do You Cut/Shorten Barrels?

Yes, but only to legal lengths. This is 16” for rifles and 18” for shotguns. To avoid any risk of someone having a short measuring stick, we cut barrels to 16.25” for rifles, and 18.25” for shotguns as studies show it’s hard to enjoy your new barrel in jail ;-)

If you have an AR pistol, or another factory pistol receiver like a Ruger Charger, barrels may be cut to pistol lengths. We may ask you to verify this before completing your order.

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