HK UMP Barrel Threading

Have you ever noticed that fancy little lug on the front of a HK UMP barrel? If so, maybe you have also noticed the price tag that goes with an adapter for that lug to accommodate direct threads.

We can solve that little adapter problem by threading the barrel. We recently set up a UMP owner with a threaded barrel in .578x28 tpi for his UMP in .40 S&W (I know, I know….578x28 is typically for .45 ACP - he already has the suppressor so it made sense for him).

The UMP barrel is easy enough to remove. Once it’s out, threading the UMP barrel is pretty straight forward. Thread pitch varies, and is somewhat caliber dependent. Typically, a .40 S&W barrel would wear 9/16 x 24” threads, 9mm might be done in 1/2x28 etc. Luckily, with the UMP barrel being fairly stout, there is enough OD to work with in most cases.

Check out the photo gallery for some pictures of what can be done with the UMP. Now you have a way around those expensive adapters! Your welcome :-)

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