The Remington 700

What a great Rifle! The Remington 700 has been around since 1962. Designed after the Remington 721 and 722 series of rifles, the Remington 700 is a great design. With more cool caliber options than stains on my work shirt (30-06, 7mm, 308 win - just to name a few) and several models for civilian, law enforcement, and military use, the Remmy is one of the most versatile bolt action center fire rifles out there.

Barrel length and weight can vary quite a bit. We recently cut a 308 heavy barrel to 16.25” and threaded to 5/8x24. We have threaded standard (taper) barrels in 7mm to 9/16x24. And the list goes on.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Remington 700 has been so popular has to do with it’s round action that is well suited for machine work…The action mounts up in a lathe 3 jaw check nicely. This makes gunsmithing a lot easier if you have a lathe with a long bed.

Removing a Remington 700 barrel isn’t all that hard if you have the correct tools. This video by Larry Potterfield at Midway USA will give you the idea.

Which thread pitch should I use on my Remington 700? Depends. Caliber and barrel outside diameter are two factors to consider. As for caliber, anything 30 caliber and above generally wear 9/16x24 or bigger. Some will do 1/2x28 on 30 cal’s, but that leaves a pretty thin wall thickness - less than ideal. the barrel outside diameter (OD) needs be large enough to accomodate the desired threads as well. on a bull barrel, you can pretty much have your pick…light contour barrels can sometimes barely meet the needed OD for 9/16”.

If you are looking to dress up your Remington 700, we give you a big thumbs up and say go for it. Get the tools you need, pop that barrel off (or have a gunsmith do it) and we can git R threaded for you!

P.S. Want to see what’s currently available from Remington? Here's a link to their site!

*you are responsible to seek professional advice before making any modifications to your firearm, or before making any decisions regarding your firearm. Be smart. Get expert advice. This article is therefore for informational purposes only. Always consult a qualified gunsmith in your area regarding any firearm modifications.

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